The literal meaning of Balpakram is the “land of perpetual winds”. There is a great precipice or deep gorge in Balpakram and is popularly compared to the Grand Canyon of U.S.A.

It is believed that here, the spirits of the dead dwell temporarily before embarking on the final journey. Balpakram is sacred to the Garos as the abode of the dead spirits. As mentioned earlier, the Garos are deeply spiritual and believe in myths as interesting and awe-some as the Greeks mythlogics. In support of their beliefs, Balpakram has many mysterious and unnatural phenomena that cannot be satisfactorily explained by modern science and logic.

Some of these mysterious sites you might like to visit are Boldak matchu karam, Chidimak, Matchru, Areng patal, Goncho Dare, Dikkini ring, Rongsaljong Agal, Rongsobok Rongkol. Apart from the above mentioned sites there are many mysterious places which you can explore yourself.

Indeed Balpakram is so steeped in myths that even the Hindus believe that it is a sacred place. They believe that when Laxman was seriously injured during the war with Ravana and a very rare life saving herb was required, Hanuman found it here but not knowing which to take also in his haste to return, broke the top of the hills and carried it away. The missing portion of that hill became a deep awning canyon. Balpakram has been declared a National Park some years ago.

This place is about 220 sq kms in area and is 167 kms from Tura. This place is not only of mythological importance but also the natural habitant of many rare and exotic animals and plant life. It is also believed to be the original home of the rare citrus plant Me-mang Narang. Balpakram is exquisitely beautiful when ground orchids are in bloom.

The best time to see is from November to March. There is the guest house at Hattisil at the entrance to Balpakram run by the Forest Department.

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