Sohra or Cherrapunji is a subdivisional metropolis situated inside the east khasi hills district in meghalaya. Cherrapunji is the traditional capital of ka hima nongkhlaw or the khasi tribal nation. Sohra has often been credited as being the wettest location on earth, however for now nearby Mawsynram currently holds that record. We currently provide cars for hire from Shillong to Cherapunji.

Sohra or Cherrapunji nonetheless holds the all-time document for the maximum rainfall in a calendar month and in a 12 months, however: it acquired 9,300 mm in july 1861 and 26,461 mm between 1 august 1860 and 31 july 1861. The records of the khasi individuals who are the local inhabitants of cherapunji may be traced from the early a part of the 16th century. Between the sixteenth and 18th centuries, those human beings had been ruled via their tribal ‘syiems kings of khyriem’ within the khasi hills.

The Khasi hills got here below british authority in 1883 with the submission of the last of the critical syiem, tirot sing syiem. The authentic name for cherapunji was sohra, which changed into mentioned “cherra” by means of the british. This call finally developed right into a brief call, cherrapunji, which means ‘land of oranges’, which became first utilized by vacationers from different components of india.

It has again been renamed to its authentic form, sohra. Cherrapunji is possibly the only place in india, which has just one season: the monsoon. The rainfall varies from heavy to medium to mild, but there may be no month with out rain. Every other sudden fact about cherrapunji is that it rains more often than not at night. Every day activity is not truely disrupted by way of the rain.

Cherrapunji is fifty eight km from shillong, the capital of meghalaya. A steep motorable street, almost invariably bathed in mist as it climbs upwards at the ultimate lap, leads up to cherrapunji. Buses and taxis ply to cherrapunji from shillong. Cherrapunji in widespread is a superb area for hiking. The maximum popular hiking path is the only that leads to the double decker dwelling root bridge in nongriat village. Nohsngithiang Falls is a major tourist attraction in Cherapunji. We provide cars for hire from Shillong to Nohsngithiang Falls. Call us to book a car to this place.

It is advisable to lease a guide for your treks in Cherapunji. Different sports you may do in cherrapunji are river canyoning from nongthymmai to mynteng metal rope bridge, mountaineering and camping. Cherrapunji offers several options for lodging.

From visitor homes with simple amenities, inns that offer higher centers, cottages, to homestays, you may be spoilt for preference in this place. Red meat rice is a khasi forte that needs to be tried for those of you non vegetarians out there. Eateries that sell different types of beef abound within this town. Sohra pulao is a veg delicacy that is a must try while visiting this place.

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