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Dawki Tour

Dawki is known for its pristine lush green surroundings, and it is truly a blessing in disguise! The town is not just a tourist attraction but also one of the nearest ‘Gateways to Bangladesh’. It has served as a trade centre between the two countries for a long time.
Dawki is mainly known for coal mines and limestone exports which keep the trade between India and Bangladesh. In fact, it is the only place where there is a road route connecting to Bangladesh.
Among the several attractions in Dawki, it is the Umngot River which is the talk of the town! The pictures of Umngot River keep appearing on social media platforms. You might have even come across a picture of a boat on transparent water? That is the ravishing Umngot River. It is not wrong to say that Umngot river in Dawki is one the cleanest rivers in India. When we look at the boats sailing in the river from a distance, it looks like the water is transparent! Fishing is one of the main occupations here apart from agriculture and mining. So, fishing boats are a common sight in Umngot River.

One one side it creates a natural boundary between Ri Pnar (Jaintia Hills) and Hima Khyrim (Khasi Hills) and on the other side, it is also one of the Indo-Bangladesh borders. A suspension bridge across Umngot river is the road route that connects the two boundaries. This bridge was built by the British in 1932.
A small market area in Dawki has been set up which allows people at both borders to share business connections. Thus, Dawki is a box full of surprises for everyone. Experiencing the nature at its best and learning about unique cultures of the region is an interesting tour!