Dawki is a town in West Jaintia Hills district in the region of Meghalaya famous for the Umngot river which offers crystal clear blue green waters. Dawki is a border town between India and Bangladesh and is a must visit for tourists, travelers and nature lovers looking to enjoy the breath taking beauty of nature and the Umngot river bordering  between Ri Pnar or Jaintia Hills with Hima Khyrim of Khasi hills. Laguages spoken by the people of this place are Khasi, Biate, English & Hindi.

Dawki is home to the beautiful Umngot River, the Umngot Bridge, Jaflong Zero Point and the Burhill Falls and an ideal travel spot for those looking for camping and adventure water sports like snorkeling, kayaking and boating in Umngot River. Tourists can also take part in fun activities such as rappelling and zip-line here. Dawki is known to attract large number of tourists around the month of March and April as it hosts the famous Annual Boat Race on the Umngot River.

The place of Dawki is also popular as a gateway to Bangladesh where major export and import transactions take place throughout the seasons.

Those who are adept at swimming can come to Dawki to swim in this majestic river. Incase you are planning on swimming in the river, its advisable to take proper precautionary measures and avoid swimming activities in the monsoon season as several deaths occur in the river during the rainy seasons.

Travelers and tourists visiting Dawki can also visit other famous tour spots en-route like Mawlynnong and also see the Root Bridge Village of Riwai which falls on the way to this place.

Tourists planning to spend overnight in Dawki can find some guest houses and camping sites available around the place although Shillong should be the preferred location for accommodation as it is a major tourist center with many suitable options for all budgets.

The best time for visiting this place is from the months of November to May as the weather remains mostly clear during these times of the year. Tourists visiting Dawki can take a boat ride along the beautiful clear waters of the Umngot river and do kayaking activities. Locals from neighboring places also use this place for their picnic activities in the colder seasons.

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