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Traveler Safety Tips


For the most of it, the world is really a pretty safe place for most travelers. However it’s wise to be prepared at all circumstances when you are traveling.

With that in mind, here are some travel safety tips to help make your Meghalaya and Northeast travel memorable wherever you go.

  • Write Down Emergency Phone Numbers.
  • Check The City / State / Country Government Website.
  • Lock Up Your Valuables and Keep Them Safe at All Times.
  • Talk to the Locals for Advice and do not ask just one person rather ask several people if required.
  • Register With Your Embassy ( if you are a foreign national visiting India / Shillong.
  • Communicate Your Itinerary To Your Friends and Family so they know your whereabouts.
  • Don’t Share Too Much Information With Strangers Until You Know Them.
  • Stay “Tethered” To Your Bag, So You Do Not Forget or Loose It.
  • Keep a Positive and Assertive Body Language Where People Do Not Know You.
  • Keep Emergency Cash Safely Tucked At Another Location.
  • Try to Carry Your Own First Aid Kit Which Can Include Medicines and Ointments for pain and insect bite.