Nagaon holds the distinction of being Assam’s most populous district and one of the largest district inside the area. It is likewise famously known to be the ‘Rice bowl of Assam’ and is rich in paddy.

This district takes place to be rich in natural world too, as part of this area is included with the aid of the world well-known Kaziranga National Park, which makes Nagaon a traveler magnet that is flocked with tourists all 12 months round. Apart from being rich in vegetation and fauna in conjunction with having sturdy agricultural roots, Nagaon also has plenty to provide to tourists with many other herbal and human-made sights.

Nagaon is precise in greater methods than one. The website is the birthplace of Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva, the high-quality founding father of Vaishnavism religion, artist, dramatist, author, etc.; however is also home to the uncommon one-horned rhinoceros. It would therefore in no manner be an overstatement to say that from faith to fauna, Nagaon is a traveller’s paradise.

Till 1826, Nagaon become under the Burmese rule. It came below the British rule after the Yandaboo treaty become ratified. Nagaon turned into carved out as a separate administrative district unit in the yr 1832. It took couple of years before the British ultimately settle on the prevailing website online of Nagaon town, on the financial institution of the Kalong River as the district headquarters in 1839. Known in advance as Khagorijan, the district headquarter became later renamed Nowgong and progressively it evolved right into a flourishing town.

It have become a municipality within the year 1893. The eastern , western and southern fringes of the newly prepared district had been as soon as ruled with the aid of one-of-a-kind small feudal kings or their agents. An enormous and undulating plain intersected bby massive and small hills and rivers- the geography of the segments determined who their masters need to be. The residual effects of the rule of the Bhuyans had been imaginatively utilized and reorganized with the aid of Momai Tamuli Barbarooah, an intrepid officer of the Ahom King Pratap Singa within the first half of of the Seventeenth Century. This area, until then, turned into greater of strategic than administrative concern. It changed into a newly prepared village system- for this reason called “Nagaon”, Na meaning new.

Other noteworthy points of interest that you will locate in Nagaon encompass the Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary; the Champawati Kunda falls in Chapanala, and Kaliabor, that is a famous historical place. It changed into the scene of several battles in opposition to the Muslim invaders. Silghat is a vital and picturesque river port mendacity at the South bank of the potent Brahmaputra and has several temples that enthral traffic with their splendor and magnificent architecture.

Nagaon is likewise especially well-known for its two ‘satras’, the Narowa Satra and the Salaguri Satra, which can be believed to have been founded by using Srimanta Sankardeva himself in 1494 after he lower back from his first pilgrimage.

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