Adjacent to the ruins of the Summer Palace of the Jaintia King in front of the arched gateway of red bricks stands the Durga Temple. It is believed that the temple was constructed by the Jaintia King on his conversion to Hinduism.

It is said by the locals that the Durga temple construction initially resembled a typical Khasi house having a Central wooden pillar ( known as dieng Blai in Khasi ) and the roof was made out of thatch. Later, the thatch was replaced by a corrugated tin roof. Further modification on the roof as we now see has a steeple like seen in a Church.

During the rule of the Jaintia Kings, human sacrifices were offered to the Goddess Durga in this temple. Within the temple there is a tunnel that reaches the river Myntang and it is through this hole that the heads were rolled down to the Myntang River. After the Britishers arrived to India, the human sacrifice got banned thus only goats are now sacrificed here in this mandir.

Tourists coming to visit the can find the Nartiang temple will love the clear blue sky and a beautiful natural picturesque scenery around.

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