A Visit to the Imilchang Dare Waterfalls in Meghalaya

Imilchang Dare Waterfalls

This astonishing yet lesser known water falls is located in the South Garo hills of Meghalaya. This is a waterfall of immense natural and visual beauty and tourists love to go there for this very reason. The Imilchang Dare Waterfalls is near to the Tura-Chokpot Road in West Garo Hills district in Meghalaya.

The river stream on which it is located, flows through a deep, narrow winding bed of crevice rocks till it suddenly emerges on to a broad wide opening and cascades in a thick, wide formation, over a broad chasm, creating an electrifying waterfall of unique beauty. The deep, wide pool at the bottom of the fall with its wide and expansive surroundings make it an exciting swimming pool, full of fish of varied size and color, besides being an ideal picnic spot for many.

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