The wonderful Krangsuri Waterfalls is a beautiful scenic waterfall located in the heart of Meghalaya. The falls is known for its beautiful crystal clear water and the scenic view that the place provides to tourists visiting the place.

Visitors coming to the Krangsuri falls has to cross a forest amidst slippery stone steps that ends to a giant cascade of falls. Looking up, a top view of the giant waterfall could also be seen from a nearby viewpoint on the way and can see the silky cascades of crystal clear water flow all through the forest and further culminating in the small waterfalls.

The Krang Shuri Waterfalls is indeed a majestic place to visit in the summer. The color of the plunge pool is what startles everyone. It is the most gorgeous shade of deep and amazing copper sulphate blue. The overall ambience of the place can be related to a wonderland right through a Hollywood film. A least explored place and perfect offbeat destination and very few tourists venturing here. Krang Suri waterfalls is simply breathtaking! Do not miss it, if you are anywhere in the Meghalaya.

Krang Suri waterfalls is simply breathtaking! Do not miss it if you are in the area. Take a right from the town of Amlarem (looks like a dusty town in an old Western movie), if you are going towards North towards Jowai. Its about a 15 kilometer drive from Jowai. One cab driver told us to carry on and we would see a signpost.

Sure we did, but the paint was peeling off and you couldn’t read even a letter. Nevertheless we walked, and found a pathway gently leading down. The footpath, made of stone, is apparently made without using cement. There is a viewing point from where you can see the beautiful waterfall. The path carries on all the way down to the falls. Krang Suri is very very different from all the other water falls that are found in Meghalaya.

The color of the plunge pool is what will startle you. It is the most gorgeous shade of deep, copper sulfate blue. Since we went in early May there wasn’t much water coming down, and, but a steady stream was flowing down from between the rocks! The water in the plunge pool was crystal clear. You can stand behind the falls as well. The lush greenery and the blue pool sets it apart from the all other waterfalls.

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